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About Me

Hello! I'm an Electrical Engineer living in Pittsburgh and working in robotics. Prior to this I was a student at Cornell where I got a masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering. For that degree I did a research project on pattern projectors for stereo cameras. For my undergrad I went to The College of William and Mary and received a B.S. in Physics, and a minor in Mathematics. Between undergrad and grad school I worked as a Test Engineer at Carnegie Robotics for a year and a half. In this role I designed and built test fixtures for use in the company's manufacturing area. For these test fixtures I selected the hardware involved, designed printed circuit boards in Altium, and wrote test software in Python. This, along with my undergraduate Sharkduino project, has given me a strong background in electrical engineering and programming.

On the personal side I try to stay busy outside of work. I really enjoy hiking and camping, I was an Eagle Scout and still try to get outside as often as possible. I recently summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. I'm also starting to get more interested in photography and have started taking a camera out with me. When I'm not outside I enjoy watching a good movie (if you live in Pittsburgh I highly recommend the Row House). Finally I have a deep passion for electronics and technology. I spend a lot of time trying to teach myself new programming languages and playing with electronics. I build speakers, poke around with different hobbyist computers, and right now I am working through Project Euler to improve my C.

During undergrad I did a lot of extracurriculars. I was the president of the William and Mary Robotics club. I was a member of the Small Hall Makerspace Users Board, which is the body that runs the Makerspace on campus. I had a radio show on WCWM-90.9, the campus radio station. I was a peer tutor at the Tribe TutorZone. I was a member of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. Finally I was the electronics group leader of TribeSat, William and Mary's first satellite project!



My engineering portfolio highlights the hardware projects I have been involved in. For various boring reasons it's currently only up to date with projects leading up to my Master's degree. My GitHub gives a small example of my software experience, unfortunately the majority of the code I have written can not be shared publicly.

For my Masters of Engineering I conducted a design project titled "An Improved Stereo Camera Pattern Projector for Use in Robotics"

My undergraduate honors project focused on creating small low cost animal tags to be used in marine science research. My honors thesis is titled "Continuing Improvements of the Sharkduino Animal Tag System". In addition to my thesis I wrote an in depth report about the project at the end of my summer 2016 Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU).

Course Work

Please check here for a full list of the courses I have taken sorted by semester. A few highlights include:

Side Projects

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